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Ryan Brand Original
Ryan Brand Original

I have always been a bit of a social moth (this is the boy version of a social butterfly… right)! Loved hanging out with my friends and family, was into my rowing, hitting the pubs with mates on the weekends. Living life as it were. Then met that special someone decided to get married and start a family. All part of the dream and absolutely by choice. All part of ‘ADULTING’ Enter bambino number 1….dun dun dun….. you think you prepared…LOL!

And then decided our beautiful lady needs a sibling….. wait for it…. Twins. ’Reality check in isle 4 please!!’’ Three children under the age of 3. This dad had to put on his big boy pants. With all my OCD practices and preparation, life changed dramatically. Now please don’t misunderstand me, this again was part of the dream and there is NOTHING on this planet like being called DAD, it gives you all the feels but it’s 25 hour a day job. 

Worried about their mental wellbeing, their health, am I doing a good job, am I giving enough, am I doing enough? The world all of a suddenly seems so much bigger and you now have little hu-man’s, whose future has starting with you. Your decisions affect their reality. Fast forward 4 years in. I am constantly exhausted and on edge. Feel like I am failing as a parent. I have lost my identity. ‘’What am I actually doing here’’ ‘’Can I rewind and change my mind’’? I never put a name to this thing I was feeling/suffering through.

I thought it was normal parenting stuff. You know, you and your parent friends talk about it all the time - This is part of the job, right? No, this is BURNOUT!

  • Feeling like you can’t cope anymore, you are constantly tired and have scatter brain. As a result, you are spending less time with your kiddo’s.     
  • Feeling like the joy of parenting is gone. Parenting on Autopilot.
  • “Who am I’’ Feeling like you have lost your true essence. 

I am so grateful to be in a digital age where I am able to touch and change peoples lives from all over the world. Through all my learning I am here to help parents with time management, balance and deal with burnout, stop the guilt and shame of feeling inadequate as a parent. Bring the joy back.

Make parenting fun and find the true YOU and bring YOU back. Us humans all need a little help sometime, let me take your ‘’virtual’ hand and be your guiding light. We got this ‘’TOGETHER’’ 

Remember, it takes a village… let me be part of yours. Lets find the ‘True You’!


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